CIGS PV Thin Film Modules in Large sizes Frame and Frameless glass on glass
CIGS, PV has been proven Day by day to generates more power per watt in any natural lighting that other SI modules
NASA First Ever Solar Street light is powered by

CIGS Thin Film has been tested Tallahassee Florida where days are full of sun & Dark clouds & shade trees.
If you see a CIGS Module it is working even in the shadows electric is being generated.
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thin film renewable energy source.

CIGS power up were others fail. No Fade from Heat.
Let the Sunlight on your Thin Film PV today.

Copper indium gallium (di)selenide (CIGS) is a semiconductor material composed of copper, indium, gallium, and selenium. Cells have been produce at 100c to 400c with best results near 350c.
Heat fade from sunlight is a non issue with CIGS.

Problem: Heat Fade It might seem counter-intuitive, but when the sun is at its hottest, many photovoltaic systems decrease in terms of electrical output. The reason has to do with the inverse ratio of silicon temperature to voltage production---the hotter the solar cells, the less voltage they produce.
CIGS PV uses No Silicon so no problem with the heat of the day and power production remains high.